Local Moves

Moving Within Thailand

Moving is almost always a stressful experience…unless you’ve moved with us before.

We do our best to take all the stress out of your moving process. From the planning, packing, delivery and unpacking, you have our complete attention throughout the entire process. We are deeply committed to your 100% satisfaction.

What You Get

We can move you anywhere within Thailand whether it’s across the street in downtown Bangkok or to a remote village in the hill tribe regions of the north. In addition to our great customer service, you are ensured of getting the following:

  • Complete integration of the entire move process
  • Door-to-door service
  • Highly trained professional packers
  • A modern fleet of moving trucks
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • Comprehensive storage and travel insurance

The Process

Here is how the typical move process works.


Gather information

Figure out what your possible move date, the type of access your buildings (i.e. elevators and when then can be used). If you have addresses or phone numbers, we can help contact the building supervisor directly.


Get an estimate

You’ll need to figure out how much stuff you’re moving. To get an approximation of volume and costs, you can try our online Instant Quote Calculator here or a video survey, but we may still need to schedule a quick site visit to survey your apartment.


Confirm moving date

If you agree to our quote, simply confirm a moving date by making pre-payment. There are no other hidden fees. One of our consultants will then guide you through the process and help make any necessary preparations (for instance, if you would like to have boxes dropped off so you can do some pre-packing yourself).


Moving day!

Sit back and relax as we do all the heavy lifting for you (literally and figuratively). Local in-town jobs for one to two-bedroom apartments usually take half a day to a whole day depending on volume.