Frequently Asked Questions

In Case You Were Wondering

We’ve put together a list of answers to some common inquiries. If you can’t find your question below, feel free to contact us here.

Getting Started

What are Thai Movers’ hours of operation?
  • Office hours are 8.00 to 17.00 hr from Monday to Friday
  • Packing crews are available on-site from 9.30 to 16.00 hr
  • Emails and chat may get a response after hours, if not then within 24 hours of receipt
What if I don't know my exact destination address?
For quoting purposes, a postcode will suffice.
What if I can’t find an item in the InstantQuote calculator?
Contact our Sales Support by phone, email or chat if you need assistance.
How far in advance should I book my move?
To secure the date of your choice, please book as far in advance as possible, especially during peak season (June to August). Leaving it to a week before the move may be too late.
How do I know what fits in a box?
Dimensions of our boxes are listed in our Box Store. If in doubt, please contact our Sales Support. Our packers can fabricate cartons for oversized items at your home.

Pricing and Billing

Is the online InstantQuote the final price?
It’s an estimated price only and subject to changes based on the volume and duration of the actual move.
How are prices calculated?
  • Door to door moves are based on the duration, mileage and materials used.
  • Man and van jobs are based on time taken, from arrival of the crew until departure.
When is payment due?
  • Local moves require payment in full at least one working day before the move day.
  • International moves are due for payment within 14 days of packing and before export.
I have furniture that needs to be assembled/disassembled. Is that included in the price?
In a door to door move, yes. But not included in a man and van job.
Will there be any additional fees?
For the man & van service, you will be charged on the actual time taken, so if it’s more than we originally quoted you will be advised of the additional charge and can pay cash to the driver.
If I cancel my move, will I be charged?
If you cancel 3 working days before the move there will be no cancellation charge. Short notice cancellation will be subject to a 50% charge.

Additional Services

What’s an in-home consultation?
AKA a pre-move survey, conducted by one of our professional sales-surveyors. He will take a look at the contents of your home in order to ascertain the volume and packing requirements. He will also discuss the details and intricacies of your move with you.
Can I add extra pick-up and drop-off locations?
Of course, but try to give us advanced notice so that we can plan ahead and advise you the extra charges.
What is a “special handling”?
Items that may require special handling include pianos, pool tables, heavy safes, trampolines etc. Let us know your requirements so that we are prepared and can provide an accurate quote.
Can I get boxes delivered prior to my move?
See our Box Store where you can order various materials and have them delivered.

Making Changes

Can I change my move date or time?
Yes but please let us know 3 working days before the booked date.
How can I cancel my scheduled move?
Call, email or chat to us.

Preparing for the Move

How should I prepare for my move?
  • Inform your building management at both ends about the dates of your move.
  • Try to de-clutter your home before the moving team arrives – sort your belongings and get rid of any unwanted items.
  • Pack away small valuables – money, jewelry, watches, etc and make plans to move them yourself.
  • Keep aside any items that you need and don’t want packed – keys, shoes, clothes etc.
  • If you are packing yourself make sure all packages are sealed and secure. Make a note of the number of boxes and their contents.
  • Arrange for cleaning services to tidy up your vacated property.
  • Cancel utilities at your old property.
What should I expect on my move day?
  • If man & van service, please have all your packed items ready to be loaded at the entrance of your home. Our team will load and unload at the other end.
  • For door to door moves, you just sit back and let us do the work.
Will there be paperwork to sign?
Inventory lists will need to be signed at the completion of the move.
How will my movers count and confirm inventory?
  • For local moves and man & van jobs, a simple inventory stating number of items will be made by our team and cross-checked at the destination.
  • For international moves, our supervisor will make a detailed inventory in English, and leave you a copy.
Should I tip my movers?
It’s not expected but if you’re happy with their performance, your gesture will be appreciated.
What should I do if something is damaged?
Notify us by phone, email or chat. If you’re insured by us, we will explain the claim process.